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How to create a more focused meeting

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Here is What You'll Learn

Plan for success

Setting up your meeting as a process to increase your odds of success.

Effectively communicate purpose of meeting

Simple techniques that help participants understand why they are there.

Designing a meeting that works for everyone

Designing a meeting that works for both the organizer and the participants.

Running your meeting effectively

Running a meeting where participants are more engaged and participate.

Reduce attendee anxiety

How to reduce participant anxiety before, during, and after the meeting.

Free cheat sheets and tips to plan more focused meetings

Handy cheat sheets to help you remember how to build your own more focused meetings.


About Amber Christian

Amber Christian is the founder of Wonderly Software Solutions. After spending nearly two decades working in technology, Amber understands the complexity introduced by technology. She uses human centered design processes to bring people back into the software development conversation. Wonderly builds Bella Scena, a human centered design platform to help improve meeting effectiveness.


About Kelvin Johnson

Kelvin is the CEO of Humble Warrior Advisors and the co-founder of the new podcast series Scrappy! Navigating a startup as a rising leader. Kelvin has spent his career as a CPA, a management consultant focused on operational excellence, and a Startup Executive for multiple tech companies. Kelvin leverages his intellectual curiosity to understand clients' most pressing issues and drive to overcome obstacles.

Humble Warrior Advisors collaborates with founders to achieve the next milestone on their journey to success. He maintains his mental agility with daily yoga, cycling, and a competitive ping-pong game.

March 25th
10:00 CDT